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Julia Desli Architect

Julia Desli is a freelance architect based in Athens, Greece. Julia and her specialized technical team of collaborators are a full service architecture and interior design ensemble with an extensive portfolio that includes a diverse range of projects—of a variety of scales and themes.

Undertaking the design and completion of several projects ranging from furniture and creative installations to shops, apartments, private houses, office buildings and outdoor spaces, the team’s work is characterized by an unyielding focus on achieving client objectives.

Every new project is approached as a challenge and part of a ceaseless endeavor to combine new designing with research into the properties and applications of new construction materials. Throughout the designing process, Julia and her team aspire to a bioclimatic, but also a creatively artistic architectural approach, striving to create spaces with personality and character, combining the client’s requirements and budget with efficiency, imagination and innovation. The final product is quality environments that possess unique identities, are aesthetically pleasing and inspiring, and constitute spaces where people can live and interact effectively and happily. Spaces become a living experience with low and high tones, with elements of surprise, inspiration, respite, combined in an aesthetically harmonious ensemble.’

Julia Desli studied interior architecture and design at the Athens Technological Institute, and obtained a B.Arch. from the Mackintosh School of Architecture, and a Diploma and Masters Degree in Architecture from Strathclyde University. (graduating in 2003 with distinction for her diploma project: “Architectural Narrative Structures and Mythology”.)

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