The project involves the request to design a multi-purpose bookcase for a classy flat. The said piece of furniture was to be part of a living room containing an extensive variety of art objects. Apart from being a bookcase, it also had to function as a screen to isolate a part of the living room, to include a working desk, and, finally, to accommodate an antique secretaire desk. Based on these demands, a final product which combined classical and modern elements was opted for. More specifically, the curved edge treatment applied to the shelves aims to give them a thinner, more elegant appearance. The three central supportive columns were similarly treated, but, in this case, orthogonal sections were applied. Lastly, sliding glass panels, with an inlay colour, are placed on both sides of each shelf, thus adding to the general ambience through a play of alternating, gradient transparencies.
  • Project
    Design of a bookcase.
  • Category
  • Location
    Cholargos, Athens.
  • Status
  • Completion date of presented phase
  • Role and Responsibilities
    Responsible for all design and construction phases.