competition  “city leisure generator”, Athens

The design of this “city leisure activities generator” is based on the deformation, recombination and super-imposition of personal memories of visual fragments of the city of Athens. The formation and arrangement of this fragments is such that although the structure in its entity presents an original image, the spatial experience through the structure provokes impressions which correlate to those that the city creates itself. To be more specific, the overall design of the structure is divided in two sections, each having its own impact but both acting as a whole. One refers to the characteristics of ancient classical architecture, as well as to the transition from past to present and the merging of this two. The other, to the chaotic presence of a constantly changing modern city, contrasting the harmony, unity and stability of the classical monuments. The first section of the structure, mentioned above, is fixed and stable, without its form altering from site to site and without people interfering with its fabric. Its design is based on the architectural qualities of classical antiquity, these being: geometry, order, sense of scale, harmony, interconnected and interrelated parts. The transition from the ordered city of Athens of the past to the ever-changing and developing present city is represented by the breaking of this geometry into fluid, arbitrary lines and forms. The other section of the structure is flexible and changeable. It consists of aluminum panels hinged together is pairs of two, which can afford different arrangements in order to adapt to an each time different site (action as a parasite) and to accommodate or generate various events and activities. In this case, people are able to interfere and use these panels, if necessary, as tools for their leisure activity. Furthermore, the sum of the arranged and spread panels around and through the stable part of the structure, creates an each time different maze-like space, which in turn, within its non-defined and chaotic form provokes feelings of expectation, surprise, fear and curiosity. From a functional point of view the, the structure provides enclosed, semi-open and open spaces, which can contain or generate a series of dissimilar collective or non-collective activities.

  • Project
    Ephemeral structures for the city of Athens – “city leisure activities generator”.
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  • Status
    Preliminary design proposals.
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