competition  “Piraeus Tower reconstruction”, Athens

The tower of Piraeus changed the beloved image of the “clock” and is now called upon to alter its own, previously negative, image. The lightower dominates the vital junction point it stands in: a junction of vital meeting points, sea and land, port and town, Piraeus and its surrounding urban and global areas. The need for a transformation of the lightower into a new landmark—with positive, rather than negative connotations— is connected to the concept of a wider reaching rebirth: the rebirth of an urban infrastructure. In the context of this endeavour, the existing tower structure is to be incorporated into a new form, through cooperative interaction with the new creation. In this project, a reverse design process is set into motion. Subtraction, rather than addition, is the method opted for. Morphological elements inspired by the sea and the Greek urban typology, are projected via subtraction on the imagined volume of the space. The long, wave-like, vertical side of the building evokes images of the sea, the linear shaping of levels on the other side mirrors the characteristic ‘apartment block’ with protruding balconies, while the top end of the building and the curved horizontal sections bring forth images of boats—a familiar element of Piraeus harbour. The envisioned result of the procedure is a new tower which enters into a ceaseless interaction with its environment. Furthermore, the design draws on the visibility of the lightower –since it is, after all, the tallest building in Piraeus—, and envisions a powerful play of reflection and projection of light via the new building structure. The aim is for the lightower to take on its new role, to become generator and participator in a new relationship between the Piraeus port and the Athenian urban landscape. The new lightower embodies characteristics of the traditional lighthouse. Specifically, it functions as a point of reference, in the sense that its height and location offer unique sea and city views, and it also offers a form of open access, by dedicating parts of the office building to public use.

  • Project
    Pireus Tower 2010 – “Changing the face”. Competition entry.
  • Category
  • Location
    Pireus, Athens.
  • Status
    Preliminary design proposals.
  • Completion date of presented phase
  • Collaborators
    Elina Drossou, Enrique Ramirez – 3D renderings.