designlab 2012, Gazi – Athens

An invitation to participate in an event titled “Renew it”, as part of the annual material and design exhibition “Designlab”, lead to the formation of 4± team. 4± team consisted of architect Julia Desli, interior design and architecture studio design36, and prominent antique store owner Vassilis Moudakis. The task entailed re-approaching old materials and objects with the objective of constructing new items of a different use, and a unique personality. The team chose a variety of old, decayed antiques as its raw material. In the context of this project, knowledge and imagination came together and, by means of an experimental creative process, new furniture—of a distinctive character—came into being. The new furniture included two new consoles created through the deconstruction and decomposition of an old one, two lighting objects—one made from an old hair-dryer and the other from a nargile and, finally, a wall hanging bar that makes its appearance out of an old French mirror frame.

The furniture is exhibited and on sale at Moudakis Antique shop, Panos 24-26 Vari, tel. 2108951655.

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