“house of the Mnotaur”- dissertation

Myhts represent the whole humanity, its history and irresistible developing force. Their detailed and deeper psychological translations reveal the human desire to live in history. They are a leading line of existence, a form that aims at the future and not a petrified legend.

  • Architecture through metaphor. Construction of a labyrinth. “House of the Minotaur”

Labyrinth: symbol of the individual quest Theseus: savior, hero who overcame the brutish aspects of its own character. Minotaur: the monstrous element in man capable of devouring his decent, altruistic, idealistic, spiritual and human capacities.

When metaphors are applied to parts of buildings as well as to the whole, architecture creates a narrative. In linguistics, metaphor is “a figure of speech in which an expression is used to refer to something that does not literally denote in order to suggest a similarity. It is the transference of the relation between one set of objects to another set for the purpose of brief explanation, a compressed simile”. In architecture, metaphor is about symbolic forms and non – literal shapes, which when related to the cultural characteristics of a certain place and time, they become meaningful. By meaningful, what is meant is not the exteriorization of the unconscious desires of society or its architects, but the operations of seduction and the unconscious. With metaphor architecture creates poetry, awakes imagination, evokes moods and emotions and in a way-describes and re-signifies the world in its temporal dimension.

  • Architecture through plot development. Construction of a maze.

Architectural narrative through plot development is about movement, process and sequence. About superimposed layers, conflictual programs, heterogeneity, agents, goals, means, interactions, circumstances and unexpected results. “Narrative structures have the status of spatial syntaxes. By means of a whole panoply of codes, ordered ways of proceeding and constraints they regulate changes in space or moves from one place to another”, each space occupied by a memory, a dream, a function, or activity. In other words, 3D narration is a travel a spatial practice which occurs when space, event and movement intersect with one another and blend into an intelligible whole.

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    “Architectural narrative structures and mythology” – 5th year final thesis.
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