house in Porto Heli, Peloponesse

The client’s request was to design a family house, with the possibility of dividing it into two separate houses in the future. The site offers stunning views towards the sea, located as it is on a rocky, steeply inclined cliff. Drawing inspiration from the surrounding landscape, the main aim became to design a house that would rise from its land, while existing in total harmony with it. In this context, the materials chosen from the outset of the design process were stone taken from the land, and wood and concrete in their natural colour. The house consists of two twisted, stone towers which create the impression of land stones gathered in a natural vertical swirl. These two structures were then connected by concrete horizontal slabs, which are actually wedged into the towers. As regards the interiors, vertical wooden louvers and glazing between the slabs were employed to delineate the borders of the inner spaces. Another notable element of the design process was the creation of a pleasant outdoor courtyard, further bridging the gap between the two towers, and able to function as a family meeting point. The architectural plans delineate the way this arrangement serves the client’s requirement for a space that will initially function as one house and, in the future, as two.

  • Project
    Single house.
  • Category
  • Location
    Porto Heli, Greece.
  • Status
    Completion of main design proposal.
  • Completion date of presented phase
  • Role and Responsibilities
    Participated in the design process (concept and presentation drawings).
  • Collaborators
    Member of Anamorphosis-Architects team.